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package org.newdawn.spaceinvaders.lwjgl;


import org.lwjgl.opengl.GL11;

import org.newdawn.spaceinvaders.Sprite;

 * Implementation of sprite that uses an OpenGL quad and a texture
 * to render a given image to the screen.
 * @author Kevin Glass
 * @author Brian Matzon
public class LWJGLSprite implements Sprite {
	/** The texture that stores the image for this sprite */
	private Texture texture;
	/** The width in pixels of this sprite */
	private int width;
	/** The height in pixels of this sprite */
	private int height;
	 * Create a new sprite from a specified image.
	 * @param window The window in which the sprite will be displayed
	 * @param ref A reference to the image on which this sprite should be based
	public LWJGLSprite(LWJGLGameWindow window,String ref) {
		try {
			texture = window.getTextureLoader().getTexture(ref);
			width = texture.getImageWidth();
			height = texture.getImageHeight();
		} catch (IOException e) {
			// a tad abrupt, but our purposes if you can't find a 

			// sprite's image you might as well give up.

			System.err.println("Unable to load texture: "+ref);
	 * Get the width of this sprite in pixels
	 * @return The width of this sprite in pixels
	public int getWidth() {
		return texture.getImageWidth();

	 * Get the height of this sprite in pixels
	 * @return The height of this sprite in pixels
	public int getHeight() {
		return texture.getImageHeight();

	 * Draw the sprite at the specified location
	 * @param x The x location at which to draw this sprite
	 * @param y The y location at which to draw this sprite
	public void draw(int x, int y) {
		// store the current model matrix

		// bind to the appropriate texture for this sprite

		// translate to the right location and prepare to draw

		GL11.glTranslatef(x, y, 0);		
		// draw a quad textured to match the sprite

	      GL11.glTexCoord2f(0, 0);
	      GL11.glVertex2f(0, 0);
	      GL11.glTexCoord2f(0, texture.getHeight());
	      GL11.glVertex2f(0, height);
	      GL11.glTexCoord2f(texture.getWidth(), texture.getHeight());
	      GL11.glTexCoord2f(texture.getWidth(), 0);
		// restore the model view matrix to prevent contamination


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