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package org.newdawn.spaceinvaders;


 * A wrapper class that provides timing methods. This class
 * provides us with a central location where we can add
 * our current timing implementation. Initially, we're going to
 * rely on the GAGE timer. (@see
 * @author Kevin Glass
public class SystemTimer {
	/** Our link into the GAGE timer library */
	private static AdvancedTimer timer = new AdvancedTimer();
	/** The number of "timer ticks" per second */
	private static long timerTicksPerSecond;
	/** A little initialisation at startup, we're just going to get the GAGE timer going */
	static {
		timerTicksPerSecond = AdvancedTimer.getTicksPerSecond();
	 * Get the high resolution time in milliseconds
	 * @return The high resolution time in milliseconds
	public static long getTime() {
		// we get the "timer ticks" from the high resolution timer
		// multiply by 1000 so our end result is in milliseconds

		// then divide by the number of ticks in a second giving

		// us a nice clear time in milliseconds

		return (timer.getClockTicks() * 1000) / timerTicksPerSecond;
	 * Sleep for a fixed number of milliseconds. 
	 * @param duration The amount of time in milliseconds to sleep for
	public static void sleep(long duration) {
		timer.sleep((duration * timerTicksPerSecond) / 1000);

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